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Automate Your Daily Work with EMILY.RPA

Best RPA for web browser task automation! Fast to start, try it today!

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EMILY.RPA’s Happy Users

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What is EMILY.RPA?

EMILY is a Robotic Process Automation software which can automate repetitive tasks on computers. Our patented design "robot=browser", browser-core allows EMILY to automate tasks on the web browsers with 100% reliability. An added on bonus is that we natively support not only Windows, but also Mac and Linux computers.

EMILY.RPA is your digital hands! Automate your daily work from today!


Feel burdened by repetitive tasks?

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EMILY.RPA works like a super assistant! Web automation, reading and analysis PDA & Excel, desktop automation, receiving and sending emails...etc. Auto-trigger or under your command, EMILY.RPA can do every repetitive task for you. The low-code and no-code design tools can automate a process within 2 hours! 

Why EMILY.RPA is the best choice of RPA?

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No-Code machine learning and flexible Low-Code scripting allow people with programming backgrounds to train and start using EMILY robots for complex or simple workflows easily and quickly.

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Support multi-platform

EMILY.RPA can natively support not only Windows, but also Mac and Linux.

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Patented Design

We are a Taiwanese startup with our own patented software IP and product to provide efficient technical support for customers. Please contact us directly for any questions.

EMILY.RPA features

Platform Compatibility

Window 10 and above

MacOS 11.6 and above

Linux Ubuntu 20.04+ / Fedora 24+ / Debian 8+ 


Browser operation automation

EXCEL automation

PDF analysis automation

Email reading and writing automation

Desktop automation

Trigger Options

  • One-click trigger: After the skills are downloaded and installed, press the "Execute" button to automatically complete the work.

  • Schedule-based trigger: set the schedule, EMILY will automatically complete the work accordingly.

  • Remote trigger: Trigger the task automatically through email or API.

Technical Support

Each customer will have an assigned RPA coach.  Online documents ( and user forum ( are also provided.


​Why we choose EMILY.RPA

EMILY’s No-Code and Low-Code compatibility accelerates IT’s deployment of automated workflows to end users and improved operation efficiency.


Chief Information Officer Li Yibing

After the fundraising case is over, it is necessary to further consolidate the order into an inspection order and a delivery order. In the past, because the fundraising platform did not connect such services, it took a lot of man-hours to process. At the same time, I was worried about order mistakes caused by human error. Fortunately, through EMILY’s customized automated robots, we can quickly and accurately complete customer’s needs after each fund-raising,slashing the time to delivery and reducing customer complaints for the fundraiser!


Project Manager

Lin Xiaoyi

EMILY’s document automation converts month-long report generation process to daily automated workflows thereby freeing 20% operation capacity for front line sales to focus on client service, section managers to spot and resolve problems early on, overall boosting client satisfaction.

Taieasy Group
Shen Chunjun, general manager of TaiEasy International

Through the online courses of EMILY Robotics Academy, employees can independently develop automated processes with low code + no code, and use robots to digest the company's large number of PDF inspection documents, which not only speeds up the operation, but also ensures that the content of the documents is accurate.


General Manager Office & Digital Service Center

Director Zeng Yizheng

EMILY.RPA automatically handles complex and massive social issues and public opinion information, freeing up an average of 5 labour hours on a daily basis, thereby improving Central Party Department’s efficiency.

New Power Party

Secretary-General of the Party Department

Dr. Bai Qingfen


​products and services

Software license

  • Billed annually

  • Per account subscription fee

  • 14-day free trial

  • 16 hours of EMILY powered online training program with tools and online courses

Our Clients

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Distribution Partners

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