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 Q1   What is the difference between IFTTT and Zapier products and EMILY.RPA?

IFTTT and Zapier can cascade APIs released by individual software to automate (workflow auotomation), so the scope of automation is short and can only be executed in the cloud. EMILY.RPA is to imitate human behavior to operate a computer, so it can perform complex processes, not limited to cloud and local software, all can be executed.


  Q2   What is the difference between the Line smart reply function system?

The LINE intelligent reply function system belongs to a chatbot (Chatbot), which can send relevant content messages for keywords. EMILY.RPA is a process automation robot. In addition to sending relevant content messages for keywords, it can also target key actions/pre-schedule/ Execute the corresponding workflow under manual wake-up, etc., perform PDF analysis, EXCEL editing, send Email, search for information, etc.


  Q3  Is it necessary to configure a robot coach when using EMILY.RPA?

The service of the robot coach is mainly to analyze the user's work flow, and customize the training of EMILY.RPA for the user to learn work skills. If the user has an IT background, you may wish to learn the knowledge of training EMILY. Once you have mastered the training ability, you can assign jobs to EMILY by yourself even without a robot coach. >>Check the timetable of Robotics Academy now .


  Q4  Can EMILY.RPA be applied to enterprise information systems such as ERP/CRM?

sure! EMILY.RPA can learn all the tasks that humans can perform.

  Q5  Can EMILY.RPA be used with OCR software?

sure! EMILY.RPA has integrated all major cloud OCR engines.

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