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Reserve Instructor Training Program

Advance deployment paves the way for digital transformation careers
After graduation, you will be connected to the automation market

About this training program

EMILY.RPA will focus on cultivating robot coaches in 2023. Starting from July this year, through a half-year reserve coach training program and campus auditions, training courses, certification exams, and workplace internships will be provided to find excellent automation talents. By the end of 2022 2 outstanding students were selected, officially hired as robot coaches, and began to work for digitally transformed enterprises.


Participate in a training program and prioritize robotics skills before entering the workforce, so you can take advantage of the next wave of digital transformation!


planning process


Submit your resume

Step 1: Fill out the registration form Step 2: Wait for the class notice


Get certified

Step 1: Take an online course

Step 2: Take the Certification Exam
​Step 3: Pass the exam to get certified


Interview selection

Step 1: Receive an interview notice

Step 2: Participate in an online interview


Practical training

Participate in a three-month internship

​Started Automation for Enterprise

1. Submit your resume

Collection time: from now until 2022/07/01 at 12:00 noon

Application Qualifications: Colleges, universities, research institutes and fresh graduates, with experience in relevant departments or associations in the field of salary, AI, etc. are preferred.

How to apply: Fill out the online application form

Materials required for the registration form: 150 words of self-introduction, 150 words of motivation to participate, photocopy or photo of student ID card, resume


2. Pass the certification

Step 1: Take an online course


Learn to create EMILY.RPA automation skills and take the certification exam through a 16-hour online course.

Foundation Course

7/13 (Wed) 14:00-16:00  L01 - Web Automation

7/15 (Fri) 14:00-16:00  L02 - Email Automation

7/20 (Wed) 14:00-16:00  L03 - EXCEL Automation

7/22 (Fri) 14:00-16:00  L04 - PDF & DOCX Templater

Advanced Course

7/27 (Wed) 14:00-16:00  L05 - Desktop Automation I

7/29 (Fri) 14:00-16:00  L06 - Desktop Automation II

8/03 (Wed) 14:00-16:00  L07 - Web Script

8/05 (Fri) 14:00-16:00  L08 - Final Project

(In fact, if the content of the course is changed, the lecturer will give priority to)

Step 2: Take the Certification Exam

Exam date: 8/08 (Mon) ~ 8/14 (Sun)

Exam Purpose: Test knowledge of RPA automation skills

Test method: online test

Test Time: Complete and upload answers within 7 days


3. Interview selection

Step 1: Receive an interview notice

It is expected that an interview notification will be sent to the certified applicants by email before 2022/08/19 (Friday).

Step 2: Attend an interview


Interview Qualifications: Those who pass the certification can participate in the selection interview

Interview time: 8/22(Mon)-23(Tue) 1pm-5pm

Interview method: Online interview (about 30minutes)


4. Practical training

It is expected that the notice of confirmation of internship qualification will be sent out on 8/26

Internship duration: 3 months (mid-September-mid-December)


It is expected to hire 2 full-time coaches in the winter vacation of 2023

​Joined EMILY.RPA and started serving major enterprises


online briefing

​Want to learn more about this training program? Welcome to the online briefing!

June 16 (Thursday) · 2:30pm - 3:00pm Click to join

June 17 (Friday) · 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm Click to join



Q1. What is EMILY.RPA automated robot?

A software robot that is installed in the computer through AI automation technology and trained to imitate human behavior to operate the computer and complete the office work.


Q2. What is a robot coach?

There are various jobs in the office, and the job of the robot trainer is to train automated robots to learn all kinds of jobs.


Robot coaches will cooperate with major companies in Taiwan (Shell Zoom, Gogolook, Innolux, Nanke and Zhuke, etc.), discuss the workflow with the department members who introduced the robot, and assist in training the robot.


Q3. What career opportunities will I have after completing the training?

-Join EMILY.RPA to become a robot coach (requires an internship)

-Become a system integrator, information service provider cooperative robot coach (pass the certification exam)

-Recommended to become an in-house robot coach (pass the certification exam)

Q4. How about the cost?

If you apply for the selected training program, EMILY.RPA will pay the full tuition fee (NT$8,000) and certification fee (NT$3,000)

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